a little about me

My Husband calls me Gooma.  It took too many years of marriage to understand that is a term of endearment in his eyes.  Now his 2nd love (1.5?) is a Harley Davidson Street Glide.  I’m still seeking my passion.

I work full-time so I only have limited time to dedicate to the homemaking art, much less hobbies.  I’m a reader, not a writer and if you read this blog you will probably agree.  I love mysteries, classics, travelogues, biography…I pretty much will read anything in front of me.  My favorite authors include Susan Branch, Agatha Christie, my favorite novel is Jane Eyre.  I could go on all day.  I enjoy genealogy, hiking, camping, gardening, organizing and lately I spend too much time Pinning ideas about these instead of actually doing them.

We have 2 dogs, 2 cats and crazy vet bills.  Yes, we are insane.

We are practicing Catholics.  Constantly trying to grow in faith and understanding, to improve our relationship with Jesus.  We are Pro-Life because we understand that God is Love and does love each and every human being as if he/she was the only one, and that He has a unique purpose for every single life.

And, PLEASE don’t assume I’m judging you, if our opinions differ.

We struggle with the crosses of pregnancy loss, NaPro Tech and adoption discernment.  We have the most supportive family, friends and church that anyone could ask for, and have countless blessings.  I can personally attest to the beautiful things that God can produce from suffering.

I dream of someday to include travel, RVs, and being a better housekeeper…person.