august lessons

I have been stuck. July was an endorphin high, but August has been a downward spiral. Imagine Snoopy the flying ace crash landing his dog house here.  

Some have just called it a plateau, but it has been very upsetting.  I couldn’t put my finger on the problem, I’ve even been a little panicked that I’ve lost all momentum. I stupidly thought that I had figured out the right formula, and life would be a fairy tale ever after.  Silly me.  
I woke up from the nightmare mid-month.  I realized, oh….this process is going to be continually challenging.  Don’t judge.  But it only makes sense that I will only improve my fitness, if I’m always pushing myself. Why was this a mystery?  Head shake, deep sigh.  But then I started pushing too hard and I saw no progress either.  

Some lessons I want to remember;

1)  Regular pilates is very important.  The benefits that I was reaping from just a few minutes a day were amazing.  But, if I miss Blogilates for two days straight, I’m right back to being a beginner.  Several times this month I have let excuses get in the way.  I mean my house is clean, but I can’t hold a plank for 30 seconds.  Priorities.

2)  I must remember to listen to my body, which has been screaming.  I was thinking…no pain no gain, but there wasn’t any gain. No matter how hard I pushed, I never felt strong.  The way I have been running is counterproductive.  I was exhausted and rundown, isn’t running supposed to give me endorphins?  I wasn’t sleeping well because my legs and back hurt, and I need my sleep.  Its amazing to realize that you can feel better and see results, even though the work out isn’t crazy boot camp hard-core.  

3)  Sugar causes me to be depressed. Actual deep sadness.   Like my-life-has-no-meaning-jump-off-a-cliff-constant-pms-everyone-hates-me blues.  We are talking actual tears people.  Sugar only causes me to want more, and I don’t want to be addicted to anything in life.  Whole30 showed me what it was like to feel free from that, and reintroduction has shown me what I’m facing if I choose to eat sugar regularly.  I must have been on a constant blood sugar high/crash cycle pre-whole3o.  Dear future self re-reading this blog post…..SUGAR ISN’T WORTH THE PAIN. 

4)  If I’m not careful, my mind gets in the way.  I really don’t like H.I.I.T., but my body does. So many benefits in a short period of time…if I shut down my inner lazy self and just get it done.   

I want to be strong and healthy, and this is only the beginning.  Maybe I should get this tattooed on my eyelids?  Someone recently told me that they wish they had the energy to workout, and I realized that I only get energy from working out. Aha!  Another lesson.  

To my experienced running friends; has anyone used the Run Walk Run method?  I’ve noticed less fatigue with it, I’m wondering if you have had success?  Do you incorporate other types of fitness in between training?  How do you burst through a lull in progress?

2 thoughts on “august lessons

  1. I’m not sure about run/walk/run… but I recently started biking in the mornings. It’s a lot more fun for me than running. I need to stay on top of it. It’s so hard to keep it up. Wishing you well!! Peace!

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