Whole30 day 36

Nothing new to report. Other than, I’m frustratingly in between jeans sizes.  #weightlossproblems  Still following the plan guidelines, and I’m waiting for energy to return.  Exercise is a struggle, sleep seems so important right now!  

I am determined to keep going during the lull, I do not want to repeat my cycle of starting over.  For too many years I’ve tried diet and exercise, only to give in to convenience resulting in guilt.  No more!  I accept there will be snags along the way.  I’m ready to feel energetic and strong, and I understand that I have to work to get there.

I’m so thankful to God for leading me to Whole30, and for the strength to stick with it. I know, it’s all because of Him.  

Dear Husband, you are my hero!  Thank you also to friends, and fellow bloggers for encouragement and inspiration!😊  We can do this!

“The secret to happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness sends to us day after day.”  St. Gianna Beretta Molla


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