hit a wall

Whole30 Day 33:  

Results:  Unfortunately I didn’t measure before I began, but i did weigh and I lost 17 lbs!

I was feeling so great, I was on a roll.  I haven’t reintroduced anything yet. I decided to keep going because I felt fine. 

Only, now I don’t feel well.  I do realize that thirty-plus days cannot reverse some of the conditions that I deal with, but its very disheartening  all the same.   I recognized the symptoms.  Nausea followed by soreness and fatigue, and then not getting anywhere with exercise. Yesterday, I couldn’t complete one blogilates video.  And I’m craving sweets again. I’m so disgusted!

But, I’m not giving up.  The fact is that I’m going to feel sick once a month, I have struggled with this for years. Maybe its one of the reasons I’ve given up in the past?  

My strategy when PCOS rears her head?  Exercise gently.  Eat a sweet potato.  Curl up with a book. Because hopefully I will be back to feeling great in a few days.  And, maybe after time sticking with it, I will heal.  And if not, then its my suffering to bear,  and in the scheme of the problems in our world today, this is small.  

In any case, lesson learned. 


One thought on “hit a wall

  1. She’s an ugly step-cyster, that’s for sure! ((Hugs)) I’m really proud of you for continuing to fight for your health, even when discouraged. Hang in there!

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