Moving boldly onward

I may be forced into job change in the future, and it has caused me to reflect. I’m ashamed of all the times that the young me held back for fear of failure. I see a few missed chances. But deep down, I want to be one of those no regrets people. So I’m trying to learn from my mistakes. I want to take a few chances, and not worry about the outcome. I mean, life goal wise, not in a radical value change way. Okay, truth?  I dont want to be a total wimp in interviews.  Hopefully. I’m brave enough to do it.  Or is caution a basic personality trait?

Whole 30, day 14. I can tell I’ve lost weight, and I don’t have indigestion at all. YAY!  But I’m feeling like I could eat something off-plan. I’m determined to complete at least 30 days. Soon I’m supposed to experience energy, and I’m supposed to have more confidence, and want to try new hobbies. I do have more energy at work. Though the house isn’t perfectly clean, and I’ve no interest in skydiving or anything….so maybe not there yet.

And finally, I think I’m done with Summer. Is there anyplace with three seasons?  Think cold….think cold……


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