My Whole30 Day 11

I’m conquering the sugar dragon and hanging in there.   Days 2-8 were kinda hard for me, due to the fact that I didn’t want to eat meat, at all….  Which kinda defeats the purpose! Work was really a struggle days 4-7, major exhaustion and intermittent brain fog.

But YAY!  I haven’t had a craving for toast in days, so maybe I’m on the way up?  Zero indigestion since day 1!  Belly is already less bloated. I don’t have crazy energy, but I’m not pushing myself to workout either, so my fault. Its a little time consuming, I think the whole thing would have been easier if M did this at the same time?  Shopping for two different meal plans, making two different dinners….well you get it.

Its a journey, hope I am successful.



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